Garage Door Stops & Jambs

Every door has a finished jamb and overhead doors are no exception. We can make beautiful, custom wood jambs for any size opening, including curved jambs and of most any wood you might request. We also can provide wood casings to match your jambs. Contact us to start a conversation on how we can help. All garage door jambs and casings are custom orders and will be subject to wood species availability and your design needs.

Every overhead garage door needs a stop to seal out weather elements. Artisan door stops come with a weather seal and is the perfect accessory to keep out the weather while complementing the style and color of your garage door. Garage door stops are available in wood or vinyl. Stops come unfinished or they can be finished to match the stain or paint color of your door. Our weather seals come in four colors to coordinate with your door and trim color and are made to remain flexible for many years.

All The Right Features

Wood stops are typically Red Grandis, Sapele Mahogany, Spanish Cedar or can be a custom wood species if ordered when you order a custom wood species

Vinyl door stops are unfinished, white PVC unless finished to match a custom paint color. Vinyl paint colors must have an LRV of 60 or higher.

Artisan's Qlon weather seal comes in 4 standard colors: black, brown, white and beige. Remember that weather seal MUST be flexible to create a proper seal and to keep out air and moisture. As it ages and stiffens, consider replacement seals. Flexible seals provide the best draft stopping.