Affordable, Sophisticated Steel & Vinyl Garage Doors

The Duet series combines durable vinyl panels and trim with a sturdy steel frame for the ultimate in affordable sophistication. These vinyl garage doors are carefully built by hand in our factory, ensuring architectural excellence of the highest quality.

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All The Right Features

The sleek, uniform appearance of the Duet series makes it perfect for homes of every style. It’s an ideal choice for any homeowner looking to add curb appeal to their residence.

With an R-value of 8.2, the Duet offers good insulation value and minimizes solar heat gain for energy-conscious homeowners.

Specify your door size to fit new construction or your remodeling needs. Single and double doors are available to fit any home.

All of our attractive door accessories are compatible with the Duet series.

The Duet pairs high-quality vinyl panels with a smooth steel frame. It’s easy to clean and resistant against decay, moisture, rotting, and insect damage.

The faces of the steel frame are coated with a vinyl laminate and topped with profiled edge vinyl trim boards. This innovative design repels debris and dust, so the doors always look clean.

Duet Series

The Duet series starts with the following solid foundation:

  • 26-gauge steel sandwich frame on both sides with thermal break.
  • Polystyrene core and rubber seal at bottom of door for 8.2 R-value.
  • 1/16” vinyl laminate trim affixed to steel frame.
  • Clear, double-strength glass windows with muntions similar to trim.
  • Exterior grille features simulated divided lites.
  • Single-wide door can have up to 16 lites in any number of windows and double-wide door can have up to 32 lites in any number of windows.

Duet series doors are constructed from the durable materials below:

  • Profiled edge trim boards topped with vinyl laminate.
  • Trim fastened to door with hidden fasteners for a uniform appearance.
  • Clear, double-strength glass windows.


Top Section Upgrade Options:

  • Standard and custom arches are available.

Panel Options:

  • Cross buck, half buck, and cross rail panels are available.


  • Roman OG profiled trim boards add elegance and visual interest to each panel.

Track Options:

  • Powder-coated tracks and track hardware are available.
  • 20″, 32″, high lift, and vertical options are available.
  • The Duet series can be painted, but the warranty is voided if the door is painted outside Artisan’s factory. Our EasyCare paint finish seals and protects the exterior of the door while producing a smooth, white luster that’s both durable and attractive. Our special, heat-reflective designer white paint has a medium gloss finish.
  • Duet series doors must be painted a color with a light reflective value (LRV) of 60 or greater. Darker colors absorb more heat from the sun, which leads to fading and excessive expansion and contraction at joints and seams. Due to the extreme conditions created by dark colors, any paint color with an LRV less than 60 will void our manufacturer’s warranty.
  • We can color match any color sample you provide from any manufacturer, as long as that color’s LRV is 60 or greater.

Consider enhancing your Duet series door with the high-quality accessories below:

  • Decorative hardware is easy-to-install and enhances the beauty and curb appeal of any door. Follow the link to find out more about the kinds of strap hinges, pulls, and latches we offer.
  • We offer a variety of window glass options, and specialty glass adds a personal touch to any door.
  • Doorstops and seals provide a tight seal around the door opening to reduce draft and water infiltration. Doorstops come in a variety of materials and finishes, and the weather seal can be coordinated with your door finish and house trim colors.

Any garage door requires regular maintenance to keep it looking brand new. The amount of sun exposure your door receives is a critical factor in the amount of maintenance it will need. The Duet series is very easy to clean and resistant against decay, moisture, rotting, and insect damage.

We offer a 5-year warranty against delamination and a 2-year warranty on the hardware on the Duet series.

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