Artisan Medallion swing out garage door, shown in stained wood variety

Fine genuine wood carriage house doors

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Medallion Series offers hand-crafted wood doors that start at a very affordable base price with uncompromising Artisan quality, and we offer an extensive array of upgrade options to design and make most any door – your way.

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All The Right Features

A Medallion door is our finest wood door delivering the elegance and beauty of a stained real-wood door or a carefully crafted paint-grade door for your custom paint finish.

Our stain grade doors are available in our standard, select wood species that include Red Grandis, Sapele Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, and Western Red Cedar.

Custom wood species are easily accommodated depending upon your design and the availability of appropriate sizes. Just ask for the species of your choice.

Need a custom size door? No problem. A wood door is easily customized to fit any size opening.

Check out our photo gallery to see the range of doors we have already shipped.


Our standard Medallion construction includes:

  • Standard core frame is an LVL (Laminated veneer lumber) stile and rail frame with a urethane insulated foam core and smooth, exterior-grade Mahogany Luan panels pressure laminated on both sides for added strength. The frame has a calculated R-value of 9.1.
  • Hardwood overlay face frames are coped together with hidden pocket hole and screw joinery and are high-pressure bonded to the core frame for tight seams.
  • Simulated divided lites that feature both exterior and interior grilles with profiled edge milling for a rich, architectural detail.
  • Window muntins interlock together with the sub-frame.
  • Standard window glass is Double-Strength clear glass.
  • The frame overlay is milled with profiled Ovalo edges to add elegant detailing. Square edges are a no-cost alternative edge finish.
  • Fastening to the core frame is NOT done thru the front face, which eliminates exterior fastener filler marks.
  • A square kerf accentuates the look of the door style selected  by defining the swing, bifold or trifold look of the door.
  • Bottom rail is designed to shed water away to help preserve the wood frame and panels.
  • Bottom astragal is an EPDM rubber mounted in an aluminum retainer.

Core Frame Upgrade:

  • A Doug Fir true mortise & tenon core frame replaces the LVL frame and comes with the same urethane insulated foam core and the same smooth, exterior-grade plywood, pressure laminated to both sides.
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Our Medallion series starts with a base model that is an affordable, paint-grade door easily customized by selecting from our extensive upgrade options to make it a spectacular, stain-grade design feature for your garage.

Paint-Grade Base Model includes:

  • A standard LVL (laminated veneer lumber) core frame, with smooth exterior-grade plywood pressure-laminated to both sides.
  • FSC certified, clear Red Grandis, full thickness overlay face frame and trim boards.
  • Tricoya® brand, exterior-grade, wood composite flat panels, up to 4 panels on a single door and up to 8 panels on a double door.

Artisan Standard Wood Species:

  • Sapele Mahogany
  • Spanish Cedar
  • Western Red Cedar (comes with square edge overlay frame only)
  • Doug Fir
  • Go to our Materials page to learn more about our standard selection of wood species.

Paint-Grade only Upgrades include:

  • Tricoya® brand, V-Groove Panels
  • Red Grandis tongue & groove panels in your choice of beaded, flush, square or V-groove T&G.
  • Extira® brand, raised panels
  • Wood species frame overlay boards upgraded to one of our standard wood species or a custom wood species, while keeping the Tricoya® brand flat panels.

Stain-Grade Upgrade options: 

  • Sapele Mahogany overlay frame and T&G panels with any T&G profile we offer.
  • Spanish Cedar overlay frame and T&G panels with any T&G profile we offer.
  • Western Red Cedar overlay frame and T&G panels. Square edge profile only on Western Red Cedar frame. T&G can be with any T&G profile we offer.
  • Custom wood species for overlay frame and T&G panels. Any wood species that is not one of our standard woods is based on availability in appropriate sizes and quantities plus lead time.

Note: See Panel, Trim & Options tab for more details about other panel, trim and additional options.

Top Section Upgrade Options:

  • Insulated, Tempered or Specialty glass
  • True Divided Lites with individual panes of glass and an integral sash that provides added durability
  • Arch Top, Artisan standard radius with simulated divided lites or solid top (no glass)
  • Arch Top, custom arch radius with simulated divided lites or solid top (no glass)
  • Arch Top with true divided lites, Artisan standard radius
  • Arch Top with true divided lites, custom arch radius
  • Custom ellipse top (compound curve) with simulated divided lites
  • Custom ellipse top (compound curve) with true divided lites

Panel Upgrade Options:

  • Tricoya brand V-Groove panels
  • Increase the number of panels to 6 on a single door or 12 on a double door
  • Increase the number of panels to 8 on a single door or 16 on a double door
  • Flat solid-wood panels
  • Solid-wood tongue & groove (T&G) panels to match wood species of overlay frame, offered with beaded, V-groove, square or flush edges
  • Raised solid wood panels
  • Raised flush T&G wood panels
  • Herringbone (45-degree orientation for T&G) Tricoya V-Groove Panels
  • Herringbone (45-degree orientation for T&G) solid-wood T&G Panels
  • Alternating-width, solid-wood T&G panels
  • Vertical orientation for T&G
  • Horizontal orientation for T&G

Please note: Solid-wood flat and solid-wood raised panels are limited by the width of the panel and will be addressed when providing shop drawings for your approval.

Decorative Trim Upgrade Options:

  • Cross Buck (X-Buck)
  • V-Buck
  • Z-Buck (A-Buck)
  • Cross rails
  • Sprung diagonal boards
  • Chamfered Edges
  • False center post
  • Wide center bead

A real wood door offers the greatest variety of choices for finishing your door.  Finishing options depend on the materials selected for your door.

Please note that any Medallion door that leaves our factory unfinished or primed only MUST be finished on all 6 sides/edges BEFORE INSTALLATION in order to maintain the warranty.

Finish options:

  • Unfinished from the factory: Be sure to follow our storage and finishing instructions in order to maintain the warranty.
  • Factory Prime only: 2 coats of primer applied on all 6 sides of each door section.
  • Custom Paint Color or Artisan standard paint color: Includes 2 coats of primer then 2 coats of final color paint.  Any Medallion door of any wood species can be painted.
  • Faux Stain Paint: These wood-look colors are offered for ONLY Red Grandis face frame and Red Grandis panel options.
  • EnduraFinish Stain: Only for doors with upgraded wood species face frame and panels, which includes Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Sapele Mahogany, Red Grandis and most custom wood species upgrades.

Faux Stain Paint Finish for Complete Red Grandis doors only (cannot be applied to Tricoya)

Our Faux Stain colors are for Red Grandis only and are a paint and glaze system with superior heat reflectivity, providing a long-lasting paint finish and the look of a rich stain. There are 10 Artisan colors to choose from. Learn more on our Door Finishes page.

TraditionalMahogany_R_small RoyalCherry_R_small GoldenOak_R_small DustyMahogany_R_small DriftwoodVanDyke_R_small DriftwoodMocha_R_small DriftwoodEspresso_R_small ColonialMahogany_R_small BurntOak_R_small AmericanWalnut_R_small

Endura Stain Finish for Sapele mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Doug Fir & custom wood species:

Our Endura stain finish is a water-based stain and finish process that offers 12 beautiful colors to choose from. Learn more on our Door Finishes page.

endura-traditional-mahogany endura-royal-cherry endura-rich-cherry endura-red-mahogany endura-golden-oak endura-american-walnut endura-burnt-oak endura-cinnamon endura-colonial-mahogany endura-dusty-mahogany endura-early-american endura-fireside

Visit our Door Finishes page for more information on our factory applied finishes and our standard paint colors.

Visit our Door Materials page to learn more about our standard selection of wood species.

Consider enhancing your Artisan door with one of these available accessories:

  • Decorative Hardware is a great add-on accessory that is easy to install and enhances the beauty and curb appeal of any door. Follow our link to find out more about the kinds of strap hinges, pulls and latches we offer.
  • Window glass options are very numerous and specialty glass can offer an additional personal touch to your door.
  • Door stops with seals can provide a tight seal around your door opening to reduce drafts and water infiltration. Door stops come in a variety of materials and finishes, and the weatherseal can be selected to coordinated with your door finish and house trim colors. See our web page for more details.


Our Medallion door is a hand-crafted wood door. Exposure to the sun, wind, and water will impact the care your Medallion door requires.

Long exposures to southern or western sunlight and significant wind will thin the top coat over time. Wind wears it away, and sunlight’s UV rays will break down the top coat, effectively thinning it out. Left alone, the top coat can be removed/destroyed by these natural elements in a very short time.

Paint finishes will weather like the paint on your house or other outdoor furniture and structures. The better the paint is applied, the longer the life of the paint finish.

Stain and faux stain painted finishes have 2 layers of clear protective material coating on top of the stain layers when they leave our factory. The top coats must be maintained and periodically replaced or refreshed in order to prevent more significant maintenance work.

  • We recommend an annual inspection to ensure your paint finish or top coat (on stained and faux stain paint finishes) continues to provide an uninterrupted and sealed coating to prevent the intrusion of moisture.
  • Paint finishes: Follow the instructions from your paint manufacturer for touch-up and general maintenance. Check out our Care & Maintenance page if you had a factory-applied paint finish.
  • Stain finishes: We recommend that you reapply at least one coat of a clear, marine-grade polyurethane finish every two years.
  • Visit the Care & Maintenance page for more details.

Warranty Summary

Please go to our Warranties page for the full warranty disclosure. The summary of warranty periods is as follows:

  • Medallion: Wood Door sections: (1) one year from date of factory shipping
  • Track & Hardware: (3) three years from date of installation by authorized Artisan Dealer
  • Factory Finish: (1) one year from date of factory shipping

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