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Modern Glass Garage Doors

An exciting new addition to Artisan’s lineup of fine garage doors, the Panorama door series is a contemporary glass garage door that still brings the same unparalleled quality people trust. This beautiful door series is the perfect addition to a variety of homes, from contemporary ranchers to classic farmhouses.

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All The Right Features

The Panorama series is handcrafted the Artisan way, so you can count on the best garage door available.

Because the majority of the door is glass, Panorama offers excellent light transmission into your garage.

Specify your door size to fit new construction or your remodeling needs. Single and double doors are available to fit any home.

The Panorama series combines strong tempered glass with a sturdy white mill-finished aluminum frame.

Choose from windows and lites in a variety of configurations to completely customize the look of your Panorama garage door.

The sophisticated, contemporary look of the Panorama series will boost your home’s curb appeal and grab everyone’s attention.

Panorama Series

The Panorama series starts with the following solid foundation:

  • 1 3/4” white mill-finished aluminum frame (thickness varies based on grille patterns).
  • Reinforced fins on each section of the garage side help stiffen door when it opens.
  • 3 3/8” bottom, top rails, and end stiles.
  • Open View model uses heavy 5 3/8” or 7 3/8” bottom and top rails.
  • Classic model available with two, three, or four windows divided by mullions.
  • French door model features two large sections that can be three or four lites wide (invisible section break hides joints).

Panorama series doors are constructed from the durable materials below:

  • White, mill-finished aluminum frame.
  • Clear, tempered glass windows (upgrades available).


Frame Options:

  • Powder-coated aluminum frames are available.

Glass Options:

  • Polycarbonate glass available in a wide variety of colors, including gray tint, bronze tint, obscure, gray light one-quarter, and white laminated.
  • Decorative glass is also available.

Track Options:

  • Powder-coated tracks and track hardware are available.
  • 20″, 32″, high lift, and vertical options are available.

Finish Options:

  • Standard finishes include clear anodized, baked-on white, or medium-bronze anodized.
  • The frame can also be painted in a wide variety of colors, including metallics.

Available Finishes:

  • Baked-On White
  • Clear Anodized
  • Medium Bronze Anodized

Consider enhancing your Panorama series door with the high-quality accessories below:

  • Decorative hardware is easy-to-install and enhances the beauty and curb appeal of any door. Follow the link to find out more about the kinds of strap hinges, pulls, and latches we offer.
  • We offer a variety of window glass options, and specialty glass adds a personal touch to any door.
  • Doorstops and seals provide a tight seal around the door opening to reduce draft and water infiltration. Doorstops come in a variety of materials and finishes, and the weather seal can be coordinated with your door finish and house trim colors.

Along with being beautiful and stylish, Panorama garage doors are also easy to clean. Simply polish them with glass cleaner and a towel like you would any window. There are no special products or cleaning methods required.

We offer a 5-year limited warranty on the door sections and a 3-year warranty on hardware for the Panorama series.

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