Composite Carriage Garage Doors

Quartet Series delivers real wood carriage house door appearance via faux hardwood composite on insulated steel. Durable, versatile and energy efficient, Quarter doors belong wherever designers and homeowners value quality and first class visual appeal. The Quartet series is fully customizable.

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All The Right Features

The combination of a textured steel core frame with a finely textured composite face frame provides a truly stylish yet low maintenance option for your garage doors

Composite face frame boards are molded in the subtle textures and patterns of Quarter Sawn Oak, with clean, square edges

The energy-efficient, insulated steel core frame comes with an effective R-value of 16 making it an exceptional addition to your garage

Our hidden fastening techniques provide a clean and mark-free exterior surface

Low maintenance composite face frame resists moisture, cracking, insects and decay for minimal upkeep


Our Quartet standard construction includes:

  • Core frame is a double sided, 24 gauge steel, insulated flush frame with a factory-applied, baked-on paint finish
  • Composite overlay face boards are mechanically-fastened together using hidden pocket screw holes for weather tight joints, then are bonded to the steel core frame
  • Lightweight composite reduces strain on door hardware and operators
  • Bright white interior steel panels brighten any garage interior and there is minimal interior door hardware
  • Simulated divided lites that feature an exterior grille with beveled edge milling for a rich, architectural detail
  • Standard window glass is Double Strength clear glass
  • Foam insulation contributes to energy efficiency with a total calculated R-Value of 16
  • Hidden fastening techniques provide a clean and mark-free exterior surface
  • Square kerf accentuates the look of a swing or trifold doors
  • Bottom astragal is an EPDM rubber mounted in an aluminum container

Our insulated steel core frames comes with a finely embossed surface that is factory finished with a baked-on paint finish.

Our urethane composite is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

  • It far exceeds the performance of wood without any aesthetic compromise.
  • Edges are sharp, clean, and offer the true authentic look of wood.
  • It will not rot, will hold paint better than wood, and provides lower maintenance over the life of the product.
  • It comes factory primed with a high emulsion exterior latex paint that is chemically bonded during manufacture and will not peel or crack.
  • It is made from water-based, environmentally friendly products.
  • Can withstand the high temperatures from sun exposures on surfaces facing south and/or west as well as from dark paint finishes.
  • Can be finish coated with any high quality, 100% acrylic latex exterior paint.

The Quartet comes with only one type of panel, our wood-grain embossed (textured) flat panel. all trim board options have clean, square edges.

Top section options:

  • Sold, square top (no glass)
  • Solid arch top (no glass)
  • Square top with glass
  • Arch top with glass using our standard radius
  • Customer arch top with glass

For more information about your window options, go to the Design Elements page.

Trim board options:

Our trim board options offer the opportunity to dress up your door by increasing the number of panels or adding any of the standard options.

  • Cross Buck (X-Buck)
  • V-Buck
  • Z-Buck (A-Buck)
  • Cross rail(s)

The Quartet door starts with a factory applied finish in one of our four NEW faux wood colors or a paint finish from the Artisan selection of paint colors.

NEW Faux Wood Stains
Available since Spring 2018, our Faux Wood Stain colors are below in order:  Ash, English Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. Please note that each sample shows the color of the embossed steel panel together with the matching color of the composite face frame.

Garage door material in the color Ash  Garage door material in the color English Oak  Garage door material in the color Walnut  Garage door material in the color Mahogany

Our manufacturing process allows the opportunity for a two-tone paint finish. We finish our composite trim boards in-house so they match or contrast the factory-applied exterior steel panel finish color.


Consider enhancing your Artisan door with one of these available accessories:

  • Decorative hardware is a great add-on accessory that is easy to install and enhances the beauty and curb appeal of any door. Follow our link to find out more about the kinds of strap hinges, pulls and latches we offer.
  • Window glass options are very numerou,s and specialty glass can offer an additional personal touch to your door.
  • Door stops and seals can provide a tight seal around your door opening to reduce drafts and water infiltration. Door stops come in a variety of materials and finishes, and the weatherseal can be selected to coordinate with your door finish and house trim colors. See our web page for more details.

Our Quartet door is made from quality materials, wich are expected to withstand many years of exposure to the sun, weather, and water, while needing minimal maintenance and upkeep.

We recommend an annual inspection to ensure the finish remains consistent across all trim boards, that there are no variations in shine or surface quality, and that the steel panels do not have any dings or dents that could allow moisture to penetrate the finish.

Visit our Care & Maintenance page for more details.

Warranty Summary
Please go to our Warranties page for the full warranty disclosure. The summary of warranty periods is as follows:

  • Quartet: Limited lifetime warranty on steel base sections against rust-through from date of factory shipping.
  • Track & Hardware: (5) five years from date of installation by authorized Artisan Dealer.
  • Factory Finish: Finish and delamination (5) five years from date of factory shipping.

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