white vinyl garage door

Beautiful Vinyl Garage Doors

backed by insulated steel for a great look and easy maintenance

Symphony Series combines the attractive appearance of historic wood carriage doors with the modern convenience of cellular vinyl doors, providing the perfect blend of detailing, durability, and thermal efficiency. Standard and custom door sizes are available.

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All The Right Features

Remarkable wood-like appearance of cellular vinyl face and trim boards

Profiled edge trim, panel, and window details

Frame overlay is precision-milled with profiled edges to add elegant detailing

Simulated divided lites that feature an exterior grille with profiled edge milling for a rich, architectural detail

Hidden fastening techniques result in a clean and mark-free exterior surface

Excellent durability with outstanding impact resistance and dimensional stability

EasyCare finish in Designer White standard or custom light colors

Easily customized to meet your design needs

Standard and custom door sizes available


Our Symphony standard construction includes:

  • Double-sided, steel insulated flush-core frame with baked-on paint finish and cellular vinyl overlay trim boards
  • Exterior Steel is 26 gauge with interior steel at 25 gauge
  • Cellular vinyl overlay face boards are mechanically fastened together using hidden pocket screw holes for weather tight joints, then are bonded to the steel core frame.
  • Foam insulation contributes to energy efficiency with a total calculated R-Value of 9.1
  • Window grilles are cellular vinyl, interlocked together with the sub-frame and have milled profiled edges
  • Double strength clear glass is the standard
  • Square kerf accentuates the look of a swing, trifold or bifold door
  • Bottom astragal is an L-shaped aluminum retainer with a rubber seal
  • Custom paint colors are formulated with heat-reflective paint to minimize solar heat gain on exterior surfaces


Our double-sided insulated steel core frame comes with a  factory applied, baked-on paint finish and an R-value of 8.2.

The overlay face and trim boards are made with cellular vinyl which is a popular wood-replacement product. Cellular vinyl has most of the good qualities of real wood but none of wood’s maintenance requirements. While it does cost more than wood, this product will not splinter, twist or warp. It is highly durable, resistant to insects, salt and impervious to moisture, which makes it a great choice for sea-side installations.

Panel options include:

  • Beaded tongue and groove panels.
  • Flat vinyl panels.
  • Raised vinyl panels,

Trim board options include:

  • Cross Buck (X-Buck)
  • V-Buck
  • Z-Buck (A-Buck)
  • Cross rails

The Symphony door is coated at the factory with our Easy-Care paint finish to seal and protect the exterior while producing a smooth, white luster that’s both durable and beautiful. Our special heat-reflective Designer White paint has a medium gloss finish.

Paint Finish Options:

  • Factory-applied EasyCare Designer White paint finish (Included in base price)
  • Custom EasyCare paint color

Factory-applied custom colors are formulated with heat-reflective paint that is designed specifically for vinyl. We can color match any color sample you provide from any manufacturer, providing that the color’s LRV is 60 or greater.

Symphony custom paint colors and field paint colors must have an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of greater than or equal to 60 (light colors) in order to maintain our warranty. Darker colors absorb more heat from the sun that leads to fading, as well as excessive expansion and contraction at joints and seams. Due to the extreme conditions created by dark colors, any paint color with an LRV less than 60 will void our manufacturer’s warranty.

Consider enhancing your Artisan door with one of these available accessories:

  • Decorative hardware is a great add-on accessory that is easy to install and enhances the beauty and curb appeal of any door. Follow our link to find out more about the kinds of strap hinges, pulls and latches we offer.
  • Window glass options are very numerous and specialty glass can offer an additional personal touch to your door.
  • Door stops and seals can provide a tight seal around your door opening to reduce drafts and water infiltration. Door stops come in a variety of materials and finishes, and the weatherseal can be selected to coordinated with your door finish and house trim colors. See our web page for more details.

Our Symphony door is made from quality materials that have been manufactured to withstand many years of exposure to the sun, weather, and water while needing minimal maintenance and up-keep.

We recommend an annual inspection to ensure your paint finish continues to provide an uninterrupted and sealed coating to prevent the intrusion of moisture.

Follow the directions from your paint manufacturer for touch-up and general maintenance. Check our Care & Maintenance page if you had a factory applied finish.

Warranty Summary
Please go to our Warranties page for the full warranty disclosure. The summary of warranty periods is as follows:

  • Overlay and trim components: (25) Twenty-Five years from date of factory shipping
  • Insulated steel door sections: (25) Twenty-Five years from date of factory shipping
  • Track & Hardware: (3) three years from the date of installation by authorized Artisan Dealer
  • Factory Finish: (1) one year from the date of factory shipping

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