Carriage Door Accessories

We offer a unique selection of beautiful accessories that are designed to enhance any carriage house garage door. This includes decorative hardware, specialty glass, door stops, and door jambs. You’ll find more information about the eye-catching garage door accessories we offer below.

Symphony Vinyl Garage Door

Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware dresses up your door and immediately enhances your home’s overall curb appeal. Our selection includes strap hinges, latches, pull handles, clavos, and ring pulls, which we’ve illustrated to the right.

All of these accessories are hand-forged and powder-coated in an attractive black finish. You can choose from a heavy-duty ¼” thickness or a lighter-weight 3/16” thickness. If you live in a coastal environment, we also offer aluminum accessories with the same black powder-coated finish.

Strap Hinges


Pull Handle


Ring Pulls

Specialty Glass

Specialty glass options offer a unique look and provide additional security by obscuring the inside of your garage. Our standard window glass is ⅛” thick, double-strength clear glass, but we can easily upgrade your door with tempered or insulated glass. Our four most popular styles are to the right.

Door Stops & Jambs

Door stops enhance the look of your garage door opening while also keeping the elements out. They’re typically made from wood, vinyl, or Q-Lon (foam) and can be finished to match your garage door. All of our door stops also come with a weather seal, which is available in four different colors.

We can even create custom wood jambs for any garage opening, along with matching wood casings. Keep in mind that door jambs and casings are considered custom orders and will be subject to material availability and the complexity of your design needs.