Measure for Garage Doors

Ensuring a great fit

Every Artisan door is custom-built to meet your exact requirements, including the measurements specific to your garage opening. The accordion menu below will guide you through how to measure for each type of garage door to ensure the perfect fit.

Measuring for Overhead Doors

You’ll need four measurements to properly size your overhead door: door opening, sideroom, headroom, and backroom. Be sure to take all of your measurements from the inside of your garage. You can also check out our PDFs that explain how to measure for both single and double doors.

  1. Door opening refers to the height and width of the finished, existing garage door opening. Height is measured from the floor to the top inside the door jamb, and width is measured between the left and right jambs.
  2. Sideroom is the clear area on either side of the door opening where the vertical track is installed. Be sure to take left and right side room measurements that account for both the track and space to operate installation tools.
  3. Headroom is the space from the door opening to the lowest overhead obstruction, like the ceiling or exposed roof rafters. This is where the vertical track curves to meet the horizontal track that holds the door sections when the door is open.
  4. Backroom is the clear area at the ceiling or rafters where your horizontal door track will be hung and where the automatic opener is placed. This area supports the door sections when the door is open and must be clear of any obstructions.
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Measuring for Arch & Ellipse Top Doors

This PDF explains how to measure for a custom arch top door and provides more information about ellipse tops. Ellipse tops are curved openings that use a compound curve with a minimum of two radii to create their shape. An existing ellipse opening is best captured by creating a template of your existing door opening. Expand the “Making a Template” tab below for details on how to make your own.

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Measuring for Clipped Corner Doors

Clipped Corner Door

lipped corner doors feature angled outside corners in their top section and may be solid or have windows. In either case, it’s important to take specific dimensions to ensure the clipped corners match your existing opening. This PDF has the measurements you’ll need to ensure a good fit.

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Measuring for True Swing & Slider Doors

Measuring for your true swing, slider, or pedestrian (entry) door requires three elements: rough opening, finished opening, and masonry opening. If you’re replacing an existing door, you shouldn’t have to worry about the rough opening and should focus on the finished opening.

  1. Rough opening is the space created by the rough wood framing typically used in new construction. This includes king studs, jack/trimmer studs, header, and subfloor sheathing.
  2. Finished opening is the space created by finish trim that’s installed in the rough opening. Casings have been installed, and the jamb should be ready for the door hinges to be screwed into place.
  3. Masonry opening is the space created by the actual masonry that the door jamb is attached to. Each masonry opening has its unique issues, so it’s important to speak with an expert before getting started.
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How to Make a Template

Start by mounting a non-stretchable material across the inside of your open garage door and tracing the exact outline of the opening onto the material from outside the door. We suggest using white house wrap, building felt, roofing paper, or brown kraft paper. Make sure the material is a single piece that’s long and wide enough to span the entire door opening without being pieced together.

Check out these two PDFs for more information on making your template and adding the finishing touches. You can also contact one of our knowledgeable team members, who would be happy to walk you through the measuring and templating process.

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