Why Choose Artisan Custom Doorworks

At Artisan, we strive to craft custom carriage house garage doors that are as close to perfection as possible. We use the feedback we receive from dealers and customers to continuously innovate and improve our materials, construction process, and products. Here are just a few ways we’ve elevated the garage door industry:

  • We are the only company to use a full-face frame system.
  • We offer a reinforced window system that’s many times stronger than the competition.
  • We developed a proprietary pressure-laminating system.
  • We prefinish every individual garage door component before assembly and final finishing.

Luxury home builders choose Artisan products for their communities due to our proven track record of quality workmanship and sophisticated aesthetics. You can find reviews from a few of our satisfied customers below.

Rhapsody Faux Wood

Gayle is a home owner who purchased Artisan doors for her home in Pennsylvania. When her family relocated to North Carolina, she had to have Artisan doors for her new home.

Gayle T, Interior Designer, Charlotte, North Carolina

We’ve been providing Artisan doors to our customers since 2001. Their commitment to us is and always has been outstanding. Their commitment to our customer’s satisfaction has proven to be as important as our own. With a truly impressive line-up of products to offer, it’s been a pleasure working with all the members of their team. A remarkable company!

Gary Dodge, Dodge Overhead Doors,Easton, Maryland

I have been in the garage door business for over 50 years and I know what to look for in a high quality garage door. I started buying from Artisan in 1995 because they deliver a high quality, carriage-style door that meets and exceeds my customer’s expectations. Happy customers are repeat customers and they do recommend Crews Door and Artisan to their family and friends.

Dan Crews, Crews Door Company, Manassas, Virginia

Our Building Process

We utilize an extensive array of modern, efficient woodworking equipment, and our staff is highly trained in every aspect of our production process. Here’s a closer look at how we build each Artisan garage door:

  1. Milling & Parts. Using customer-approved shop drawings, we rough mill for sizing and surfacing and carefully machine each part to meet our exacting standards.
  2. Window Grilles. All of our window grilles are handcrafted and painstakingly mitered together before heading to pre-finishing.
  3. Pre-Finishing. Most of our garage doors receive a finish prior to final assembly. Pre-finishing allows the finish to cover all edges of the door parts and ensures that no raw, unfinished edges are exposed during normal expansion and contraction.
  4. Assembly. During assembly, core and face frames are assembled and connected using fasteners and adhesives. The one-piece unit is cut into overhead sections through the face frames, which are then appropriately sanded and caulked.
  5. Finishing & Inspection. If you choose a factory finish, your door will proceed to the paint room for its final finish. We use waterborne systems for both our paint and stain finishes.
  6. Packaging. After finishing, window glass and grilles are installed. We perform a final inspection of your door and photograph it prior to individually wrapping each piece for safe shipping.

To learn more in-depth about our manufacturing process, click below.

A Knowledgeable Dealer Network

Artisan products can be purchased through our extensive network of knowledgeable and professional dealers. Your local dealer will guide you through the process of designing, purchasing, and installing your doors, along with providing service after the fact.