Door Design Elements

Enhance the look of your home by incorporating some of these luxury garage door design elements. At Artisan, we’re dedicated to creating beautiful carriage house-style doors that resemble the vision you want. 

Listed below are some of the most important elements for you to consider as you craft your garage door design.

Door Size

Choosing the right door size is crucial to start the design process. To ensure you’re providing the right measurements, our team has put together downloadable sheets that will help you. 

Many designs can be multiplied, stretched, or compressed to accommodate the dimensions of your garage door opening. 

Typically, a single door is between 8-9’ wide and 7-8’ high. But each opening is unique and may be up to 12’ wide.

Double doors are over 12’ wide, typically between 16-18’ wide and 7-9’ high. In most scenarios, this style looks like two single doors placed side-by-side.

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Door Styles

A majority of our door styles are overhead carriage luxury garage doors. However, we do have a couple of options for true swing, slider, and pedestrian doors. We’ll work closely with you and your local dealer to meet your specific needs.

Basic door styles like swing-out, bifold, trifold, and barn are easily identified based on how they operate. Generally, a door will operate either by swinging out or folding, or a combination of both. Barn doors are usually swing or slider doors that have fewer windows incorporated into the design.

When considering what door style to choose, it’s important to consider how many implied moving parts there will be.

A timeless door style, traditional stile & rail doors were one of the original styles of an overhead door, and you can still get this design today. These doors visibly show the construction method with vertical stiles and horizontal rails. These rails will be noticeable at every section break in your design. So, if you choose a trifold door style, you’ll see the two rails that create the three sections.

Haven’t found the perfect design for your home? Artisan’s custom residential garage doors can be unique to you and your home. These doors are available in nearly any size.

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Top Sections

When you’re ready to start designing the top part of your luxury garage door, ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. Do you want windows, or do you prefer a solid top without glass? 
  2. Do you want a squared top or an arched top? 
  3. Do you want an overhead door or a true-swing model? 

The most common design is square top doors. Even if you choose an arched door, they’re likely going to be simulated arches. This means that there’s an arch in the top section by the door itself is square. 

A true arch top is only available for true-swing doors. At Artisan, we offer standard and custom arch tops that can be customized to match your garage door opening. We also offer an ellipse top which incorporates two different circle dimensions.

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Windows & Lites

Once you choose a door style, this will help determine the number of windows you can add to your design. For example, swing doors only have two areas for windows, whereas trifolds have three and bifolds have four. 

Custom residential garage doors can have as many windows as you like and can even be fully glass, like our Panorama series. 

 Each garage door has a certain number of panes, which we refer to as lites. At Artisan, we offer mullioned, prairies, and custom lites to meet the design aesthetic of your home. 

  • Mullioned Lites. These are created when the door frame divides a window into more sets than what is typical for that door style. 
  • Prairie Lites. These are window grille style with square corner lites and a large middle area of glass. 

Similar to arch door tops, you can choose between a simulated or true lite style. 

  • Simulated. There will be one large pane of glass and exterior grilles that divide the glass into lites. 
  • True. Each lite in the window is a separate piece of glass with its own exterior frame and interior stop.
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Panel Details

As you’re planning the panel details for your luxury garage door, there are important questions to ask yourself. 

  1. How many panels do I want? 
  2. What kind of panels do I want?
  3. Will I be adding any trim board on the panels? 

Just like windows, the door style will dictate the number of panels you can have. And, you’ll need to consider how all your design elements work together to create a cohesive look for your home.

Typically, Traditional Stile & Rail Swing Style panels are offered in multiples of two.

As the name suggests, tri fold panels are offered in multiples of three.

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Trim Board Details

The last piece you’ll need to consider for your new, customized residential garage door is the trim board details. These are decorative elements that can be added to enhance the appearance of your carriage-style garage door. 

Trim options can be used to frame your door, divide it into parts, or separate windows from the rest of the door face. At Artisan, we offer a wide variety of options and our specialists can help you choose which ones work best with your aesthetic. 

Like other design elements, the door style will dictate what trim board options are available to you. If you decide to add trim boards, we recommend choosing them in pairs. 

Below, we’ll highlight some different design options you can choose from.

Cross Buck examples:

V-Buck examples:

Z-Buck (A-Bucks) examples are:

Cross rail examples are:

Sprung Bucks:

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