Garage Door Materials

At Artisan, we take pride in our manufacturing process and the use only the highest-quality garage door materials in each door we build. We carefully select only the finest garage door materials that offer exceptional durability, ease of handling, consistent performance, and a beautiful finish.

Our garage doors include a wealth of options, from the luxurious beauty of wood to the low maintenance of vinyl. You can learn more about the top-notch garage door materials we use below.

Prelude 2, a white vinyl carriage garage door, from Artisan Custom Doorworks
Prelude 2 Vinyl


Wood garage doors are a sophisticated addition to any home that offers outstanding curb appeal. They also provide effective insulation from the elements and are available in a variety of species and finishes.

Stained real wood garage door

Composite Wood

Composite wood garage doors combine the rich look of real wood with the minimal maintenance of composite. They’re also naturally weather-, insect-, and rot-resistant, so they’ll look brand new for years to come.

White Wood Composite Garage Door

Faux Wood

Faux wood garage doors are made from urethane and offer the elegance of real wood without regular maintenance. They’re also an eco-friendly choice that’s rot-resistant and holds paint better than wood.

American Farmhouse, a gray faux wood garage door from Artisan Custom Doorworks


Vinyl garage doors simulate the look of real wood, but they’re low-maintenance, durable, and versatile. Their easy-to-clean surface repels dust and debris, and they’re also impervious to insects, salt, and moisture.

Light mint green vinyl garage door with windows and decorative hardware on a gray garage

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