One of our finest wood garage doors, the Medallion series offers rich detailing and a luxurious style that only comes from real wood. Whether you’re looking for a timeless exterior blueprint or something to make you stand out in the neighborhood, we can bring your vision to life.

Dark stained real wood garage door at the end of a flagstone and brick driveway

Compliment Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you’re looking to enhance your coastal home or renovate your modern rancher, you’ll find a Medallion door that works for you and your home.

Why Choose Medallion?

Crafting Your Wood Garage Door

The Medallion wood frame combines a solid hem/fir stile and rail core frame, a urethane-insulated foam core, and smooth mahogany luan panels. 

You can also select a steel insulated frame which is offered as an overhead garage door. This type of frame is best for conditioned garages, coastal areas, or high wind loads.

Top Section Upgrade Options
  • Insulated, tempered, or specialty glass
  • True divided lites with individual glass panes and integral sash
  • Arch top (standard or custom radius) with simulated divided lites
  • Arch top (standard or custom radius) with true divided lites
  • Arch top (standard or custom radius) without windows
  • Custom ellipse top with simulated lites
Panel Upgrade Options
  • Add up to eight panels on a single door and 16 on a double door
  • Tricoya® V-groove panels
  • Flat or raised solid wood panels
  • Solid wood tongue & groove (T&G) panels with beaded, V-groove, square, or flush edges
  • Raised flush T&G wood panels
  • Herringbone Tricoya® V-groove panels
  • Herringbone solid wood T&G panels
  • Alternating width solid wood T&G panels
  • Vertical or horizontal T&G orientations
  • Herringbone panels
  • Diagonal panels
Decorative Trim Upgrade Options
  • Cross bucks (X-bucks)
  • V-bucks
  • Z-bucks (A-bucks)
  • Cross rails
  • Sprung diagonal boards
  • Chamfered edges
  • False center posts
  • Wide center beads

Your Medallion Finish Options

You have several options when it comes to your custom wooden garage door. Keep it unfinished, or choose from one of our factory paints or stains. Upgrade to an Endura stain finish including Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Sapele Mahogany, and Red Grandis. Find the full spectrum of options by downloading our Medallion brochure.

Bifold wood carriage garage door with V-Groove panels and V-Buck Trim

Finish Options

  • If you opt for an unfinished door, ensure it’s finished on all six edges before installation in order to maintain the warranty.
  • Factory primed with two coats of primer applied on all six sides of each door section.
  • Custom paint color or Artisan standard paint color, including two coats of primer and two coats of your final color. Any Medallion door of any wood species can be painted.
  • Sansin Envirostain
  • Faux stain paint, which is only available for red grandis face frame and panel options.
  • Endura® stain finish, which is only for doors with upgraded wood species face frames and panels. These include Western red cedar, Spanish cedar, sapele mahogany, red grandis, and most custom wood species.
  • Faux stain paint finish for complete red grandis doors only.
Paint-Grade Base Model

The paint-grade base model includes the following:

  • Standard solid hem/fir wood frame with smooth, marine-grade plywood pressure-laminated to the frame.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified Red Grandis full-thickness overlay face frame and trim boards.
  • Tricoya® exterior-grade flat wood composite panels (up to four on a single door and eight on a double door)
Upgraded Wood Species
  • Douglas fir
  • Western red cedar
  • Spanish cedar
  • Sapele mahogany
Paint-Grade Only Upgrades
  • Tricoya® V-groove panels
  • Red grandis tongue & groove (T&G) panels in your choice of beaded, flush, square, or V-groove T&G
  • Extira® raised panels
Stain-Grade Only Upgrades
  • Sapele mahogany overlay frame and T&G panels on any T&G profile
  • Spanish cedar overlay frame and T&G panels on any T&G profile
  • Western red cedar overlay frame and T&G panels
  • Frame overlay boards in custom wood species
Benchmark (Jersey Cape Garage Doors)

Connect With Your Local Dealer

Start the process of constructing your real-wood garage door by connecting with a local dealer. Our established network of nationwide dealers can help us fine-tune the details of your dream door design.