Swing Out & Sliding Garage Doors

Custom-Designed to Complement Your Home & Opening

These handcrafted products swing open and shut on hinges or roll open and closed in a side-to-side track like traditional barn doors. No matter which style you choose, our swing-out and sliding garage doors are the perfect addition to your home, garage, or barn.

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Custom stained swing style carriage house garage doorr
Custom beige painted true swing carriage garage door on a detached garage
Custom wood stained slide out carriage style garage door
Custom arched swing out garage door
Custom stained slide out carriage style garage door on a natural wood detached garage
Beige paneled swing out carriage style garage door on a green detached garage

Why Choose True Swing Out or Sliding Doors?

  • Our doors can go anywhere and are built to match the unique size of your opening.
  • We also offer pedestrian doors that match your overhead door in style and material.
  • Choose true swing or slider doors in real wood or man-made composite materials.
  • We can craft a true arch jamb to match any true arch top swing or sliding door.
  • We can also provide jambs and casings to match your door and finish your opening.

What It’s Made Of

Our true swing out and sliding garage doors start with a basic wood frame that includes urethane foam core insulation. These products also include standard tempered glass and simulated or true divided lite windows. Our doors also include a bottom rail that’s designed to shed water away, preserving the wood frame and panels.


Constructed from thin layers (plies) of wood, we offer all-wood doors in a variety of beautiful standard and custom species.

Wood Composite

This man-made material is created from a mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent (like glue). We use Extira® and Tricoya® materials to create a long-lasting, superior paint-grade door.


Also known as cellular PVC, vinyl can be milled and shaped like real wood, but it requires far less maintenance.

Customize Your Door

We offer a variety of customization options to help you design the true swing or slider door of your dreams. Unfold each section of the menu below to learn more about available upgrades.

Top Section Upgrade Options
  • Insulated, tempered, or specialty glass
  • True divided lites with individual glass panes and an integral sash
  • Arch top (standard radius) with simulated divided lites or solid top (no glass)
  • Arch top (custom radius) with simulated divided lites or solid top (no glass)
  • Arch top (standard or custom radius) with true divided lites
Wood Panel Options
  • Flat panels
    • Tricoya® paint-grade
    • Solid wood
  • Tongue & groove (T&G) panels
    • Flush T&G
    • V-groove T&G
    • Beaded T&G
    • Tricoya® paint-grade V-groove panels
  • Raised panels
    • Extira® paint-grade raised panels
    • Solid wood raised panels (12” wide or less)
    • Solid wood raised flush T&G panels (12” wide or more)
  • Herringbone panels
  • Alternating-width T&G panels
  • Matching interior face of door
Low-Maintenance Material Panel Options
  • Vinyl
    • Flat panels
    • Beaded T&G panels
    • V-groove panels
    • Raised panels
  • Faux wood (urethane)
    • Flat panels
    • V-groove T&G panels
    • Raised recessed panels
Trim Options
  • Cross bucks (X-bucks)
  • V-bucks
  • Z-bucks (A-bucks)
  • Cross rails
  • Sprung diagonal boards
  • Chamfered edges (solid wood doors only)

Finishes & Colors

Your finish options for our sliding & swing out garage doors vary depending on the material you select for the outside of your door. To view what finishes & colors each material can use, visit the link below.

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