Benchmark 2

Composite Carriage House Garage Door

Low maintenance and energy-efficient, Benchmark 2 simulates the look and feel of real wood garage doors. But because it’s a composite carriage house garage door, the Benchmark 2 is also lightweight, eco-friendly, and impervious to moisture, insect damage, and rot.

Arched White Wood Composite Garage Door
Brown Wood Composite Garage Door With Black Decorative Accents
Grey Wood Composite Garage Door With White Accent Trims And Black Decorative Hardware
Diagram Of The Benchmark 2 Construction

Why Choose Benchmark 2?

  • Accepts a paint finish that will look beautiful for years to come without breaking the bank.
  • Streamlined construction methods offer enhanced design flexibility and customization.
  • Total wood door made from engineered lumber and sustainable composite materials.
  • Primed in a neutral color, making final color application easier in the field or factory.
  • Standard and custom sizes available to fit new construction or your remodeling needs.

What It’s Made Of

Benchmark 2 features an LVL core frame, urethane foam insulation, and Extira® wood composite face frame overlay boards with profiled edges. Unfold the menu item below to learn more about available upgrades.

  • Extira® brand composite wood is designed for exterior applications and outperforms both wood and MDF due to a patented, proprietary manufacturing process.
  • Extira® is easy to work with and can be carved, routed, and machined using traditional woodworking tools.
  • Extira® comes with a 10-year warranty and resists moisture, rot, and termites.

Finishes & Colors

Benchmark 2 is a paint-grade garage door that comes factory primed for your convenience. You can learn more about your finish options below.

Finish Options

  • Paint the door yourself. We recommend field application of high-quality exterior paint that is applied prior to installation on all six sides of each door section.
  • Purchase a factory paint finish in the color of your choice or choose from our in-house standard paint colors.

Any Benchmark 2 door that is primed only before leaving our factory must be field finished on all six sides before installation in order to maintain the warranty.

Customize Your Door

We offer a variety of customization options to help you design the composite carriage house garage door of your dreams. Unfold each section of the menu below to learn more about available selections and upgrades.

Standard Design Choices

The following standard design choices are included in the base price of your door:

  • Arch top (square or standard)
  • Solid top
  • Double-strength, clear window glass with traditional rectangular lite grilles

Standard panel options include:

  • V-groove panels
  • Flat panels
  • Simulated raised panels

Standard trim board options include:

  • Cross bucks (X-bucks)
  • V-bucks
  • Z-bucks (A-bucks)
  • Cross rails
  • Factory primed
Upgrade Options

The following design upgrades are not included in the base price of your door:

  • Herringbone V-groove panels
  • Tempered, insulated, or specialty glasses
  • Custom arch top
  • Mullioned lites
  • Custom-designed panels and window grilles
  • Custom-designed doors
  • Decorative hardware
  • Matching doorstops

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