Composite Wood Garage Doors

Made from a blend of wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent, composite wood is an ideal garage door material. Our wood composite garage doors are heavy, dense, and strong, and they’re also an eco-friendly choice due to their construction from recycled, sustainable materials.

While composite wood mimics the rich appearance of real wood, it takes far less time and effort to maintain. It’s also naturally moisture-, weather-, insect-, and rot-resistant, ensuring that you’ll get your money’s worth for years to come.

Artisan currently offers two composite wood garage doors: Benchmark and Benchmark 2. You can learn more about these products below.

White Wood Composite Garage Door
Benchmark 2 Composite Wood


Delivering the look of real wood without the associated upkeep, Benchmark is a low-maintenance choice that’s friendly to both the environment and your wallet.

White Wood Composite Garage Door With X Beams

Benchmark 2

Made from industry-leading materials, Benchmark 2 is an affordable product that can be fully customized to match the look and feel of your home.

Brown Composite Wood Garage Door With White X Beams, Window Panels On Brown Garage