Alternative Uses for Your Garage: 7 Garage Makeover Ideas

Almost 90% of homeowners are looking for a way to improve their garage space. This room holds a lot of hidden potential with endless possibilities on how to use it. In this blog, find inspiration from our seven recommendations for garage makeover ideas, whether you’re looking for a more organized room, a space to relax, or a place to play.

Why Renovate Your Garage? 

No matter how you decide to transform the space, you’ll want to make sure the garage door is upgraded, so your space remains well insulated. With an older garage door, hot or cool air can more easily escape and increase your monthly bills. 

Similar to upgrading your garage door, renovating the interior of your garage can increase your home’s value. Even if you’re not looking to move, a finished and organized space brings a sense of comfort and peace. An unfinished, cluttered garage space will impact your entire home. 

Taking time to organize and sift through your garage can open up more space and storage for you. You may not realize how much space is in your garage until it’s properly cleaned out. This cleanse can inspire you for a new renovation project. 

Small Garage Makeover Tips

As you start thinking about garage makeover ideas, these smaller renovation tips are a good first step. Even slight modifications benefit your home’s value and organize the space to make it more comfortable and efficient. 

Connecting to Your Smart Home 

Updating your garage opener to control it from your phone, can help ensure the security of your home. This is especially beneficial if your garage is converted into a different space. When you connect your garage to your smart home, status updates and remote-control abilities are available. 

Adding Outlets 

If you’re looking to transform your garage for anything other than parking cars or a storage area, you’re probably going to need more outlets. Hire a professional to rewire your garage and add additional outlets to fully equip your new room.

Paint Your Garage Flooring 

Painting your garage flooring will help protect the surface no matter how you use the space. We recommend using epoxy paint that offers a satin or matte finish. 

A garage space that is well organized with shelves and hooks.

7 Garage Makeover Ideas

1. Storage Space

One of the most common ways to use your garage space is for storage. And in these cases, it can be hard to avoid a cluttered and ultimately unusable space. If you need extra storage, here are a few tips: 

  • Make a cleaning checklist
  • Set up zones, so everything is in a category and has a home 
  • Incorporate hanging and overhead storage with pegboards and specialty hooks
  • Add shelving or cubbies along a wall 

2. Office Space

Nearly 60% of Americans now have the opportunity to work from home. It was possible to work from home in some cases before the pandemic, but it is much more common today. You may not have a designated spot for your home office. Maybe you’ve bought a desk, and stuck it in the corner of a room because you thought working from home would be a temporary situation. 

Now that remote work has become more normalized, it may be time to find a more permanent space and convert your garage to an office. Unused garage space can help separate your work and family life and allow you to be more productive throughout the work day. 

To set yourself up for success, make sure your garage has enough outlets, natural lighting, and ample space, so you can work comfortably. Incorporating windows into your garage door can also help brighten up the room and give you a view outside to rest your eyes throughout the day.

A garage gym with weights and a squat rack.

3. Home Gym

Prioritize your health and wellness by turning your garage space into a home gym. Motivation can run low at times, but when your gym is only a few steps away, it’s easier to stay active regularly. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about monthly fees or being limited to only exercising during gym hours. 

In your garage, we recommend installing a padded floor and shelving for any free weights or other supplies. Personalize the equipment to get the most out of your workouts. Don’t forget to add an entertainment center, so you can stream workouts or listen to your favorite playlists!

If you live in a hotter climate, you may be wary of working out in your garage. To maintain cooler temperatures in your garage space, choose a door with heat-reflective finishes, so you’re not overheating during your workout. 

4. Kids Play Area

Without a designated area for your kids to play in, you may end up with toys and crafts everywhere. When you separate your general living and kids’ area, it’s less likely something will break or be ruined inside when your kids are playing. 

We recommend installing soft carpeting to prevent injuries and to make the space look more put together. To spruce it up, paint a wall or portion of a wall with chalkboard paint for your kids to draw directly onto. 

Having your play area in the garage can be especially convenient if it leads directly to your backyard. In the warmer months, you can open your garage door and have a nice space for when it’s your turn to host the play date. 

5. Creative Studio

We’ve all picked up some new hobbies in the past couple of years and your garage can be a great space to store necessary materials for you to enjoy this new activity. Whether it’s an art studio or musical practice room, here are some great garage makeover ideas for the creative in your life.

A garage space with art pieces scattered

Art Studio

We recommend flooring that can be easily cleaned, so you’re not afraid to make a mess in your garage art studio. A workbench or craft station, that’s easily accessible to you, could be set up alongside the wall. If available, organize a space where your paintings can hang and dry. 

You’ll want your garage door to let in a lot of natural light, so consider a mostly glass garage door that allows you to accurately add intricate details to your work. 

Practice Room

Using your garage space as an area for you or a family member to practice an instrument can provide fewer distractions for the whole house. Ensure the appropriate storage space is available for the instrument you play, since storing a drum set will be very different from a guitar. 

You may not want to completely soundproof your garage, so it can still be used for other activities. However, you can quickly soundproof some areas by laying down rubber mats and investing in an insulated garage door.

6. Man Cave or She Shed 

Especially if you are working from home, converting your garage into a separate space where you can destress after a long day would provide numerous mental benefits. In 2020, Americans spent 62% of their waking time at home, so there should be a space where you can completely relax. 

We’ve highlighted some design essentials below, but remember this space is meant to be uniquely yours. 

  • Entertainment center 
  • Prized memorabilia 
  • Comfortable seating or recliner 
  • Refrigerator to hold beverages 

Even if your garage is connected to your home, you can still create a “she shed” space. Similar to a man cave, this room can be designed for full relaxation and comfort. This space should be filled with all your favorite things. Some possibilities are: 

  • Reading nook 
  • Crafting area 
  • Potting station
  • Wine cooler 

7. Guest Room or Living Room

If your garage is not connected to the rest of your home, this could be a great space for an additional living or guest room. That way, when guests come to visit, both parties are able to have more privacy and space.

This is the most costly renovation, but modifying even half of the space can provide a comfortable temporary solution. Having a bed, small dresser, lighting, and coffee table on hand can help you quickly modify the space when needed. 

Note: This blog was originally published on December 20th, 2018. Updated on July 26, 2022

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