How To Measure For New Arched Garage Doors

We’ve previously shared information on how to take measurements for a new garage door in four simple steps. However, if your garage door is designed with an arch top, there are additional steps you’ll need to take to get measurements for a new door. Follow the steps below to measure for arched garage doors.

Facts About Arched Garage Doors

Overhead-acting, sectional garage doors must have square tops to accommodate track hardware. These arch top garage doors are actually simulated arches. This means that the door (with an arched design feature) has a square top that is hidden behind an arched opening.

True swing garage doors can have simulated arched designs in a square top or they can be a true-arch top door with a curved top and jamb. A true arch top door cannot be used in an overhead opening door track mechanism.

Arched Garage Door Measurementstemplate for how to measure for your arched garage doors

There are three garage door measurements you need to take when you’re measuring a door with an arched top. From those three measurements, you will specify the door size and calculate the drop of the arch.

The measurements are:

  • Door Width (A)
  • Door Height (B)
  • Spring Line Height (C)

Door size is represented by multiplying the Door Width and Door Height.

To calculate the Drop, subtract the Spring Line from the Door Height

Tips for arch measurements:

  • Measure Door Width from door jamb to door jamb. Verify width at bottom, middle, and top of door opening.
  • Measure Door Height from the floor to the center of the arch.
  • Measure Spring Line from the floor to point at which the arch begins to curve.
  • Be sure to verify that the spring line plus drop equals the door height at the peak of the arch.
  • Measure the Spring Line on both sides of the door. If there is a difference, they can be averaged or one side can be selected.

Making a Template

Some arched openings may be complex curves (like an ellipse) or they may not be symmetrical. Then a template is needed in order to match your custom opening’s curves.

The same basic measurements are needed but you also will trace the actual opening curve. Here’s how to get started.

diagram for drawing an arched garage

Have the following materials on hand:

  • Tyvek, Building paper, Kraft paper, or other non-stretchable materials
  • Fasteners (tacks, tape)
  • Pencil / Marker
  • Tape measure

Follow these steps:

  • With your garage door opened, stretch material along the entire top edge of the finished opening from inside.
  • Fasten/secure the material with tape or tacks. It needs to be taut across the opening. If it is loose, the curve on your arch top door may not exactly align with your opening.
  • From the outside, trace the arch onto the paper
  • Using your tape measure, make note of the all the appropriate measurements as described above: Door Width, Door Height, Spring Line Height, and Drop for each side of the door.

How Much of An Arch is Too Much?

In crafting an arched-top garage door, we use an Artisan standard radius for a given width, but using your measurements, we can also make a custom arch to match your garage door opening. Garage doors with arches are only limited by the maximum height and width of the top section plus clearance limitations for the overhead track.

Need Further Help

Do you have any questions about measuring for your new arched garage doors? Contact the professionals at your local door installer or contact Artisan Custom Doorworks for assistance.

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