Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux wood is a urethane-based product that’s created by pressing wood pieces together in a rubber mold to imprint a wood grain on its face. While faux wood garage doors maintain the sophisticated character of real wood, these doors require much less maintenance, are rot-resistant, and hold paint better.

Because they’re made from water-based, sustainable materials, faux wood garage doors are also an eco-friendly choice. Plus, they can withstand high temperatures created by sun exposure and darker paint colors, which can be problematic for some other materials.

Artisan currently offers three faux wood garage doors: American Farmhouse, Quartet, and Rhapsody. You can learn more about our custom faux wood garage doors below.

Brown Rhapsody Garage Door
Rhapsody Faux Wood

American Farmhouse

Our premium faux barn wood garage door, American Farmhouse is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add visual interest and curb appeal to their home.


With stylish panels that mimic the subtle patterns of real oak, Quartet delivers the look and feel of wooden carriage house doors in low-maintenance urethane.


From its sapele mahogany texture to the elegant trim detailing, Rhapsody replicates the rich look of carriage doors with the simplicity and practicality of faux wood.