2019 Garage Door Trends That’ll Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Date: January 16, 2019

Whether you’re looking to stay on top of home trends or you’d simply like to increase your home’s value and curb appeal, we have you covered! Take a peek at these garage door trends that are predicted to take off in 2019.

New Garage Door Trends to Look Out For

1. The Bigger, The Better

Many families are beginning to opt for larger garage doors. Not only do larger doors promote a bolder look, they are also perfect for accommodating larger vehicles. This is great since family cars tend to grow in size as families become bigger. While parents may drive a smaller car at first, they often opt for larger cars over time because they offer more room and hold additional people.

painted cellular vinyl garage door

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

New garage doors are more energy efficient due to their insulation properties. They tend to lower energy costs by helping to maintain a consistent temperature inside. Upgraded garage doors also have innovative edge seals for weather resistance. This is especially helpful during months that bring extreme hot or cold temperatures.

3. Extended Living Space

Many people are also beginning to park their cars outside or in other covered structures. This allows them to transform their garage into an additional living space, which may include a home gym, office, man cave, she shed, or kids playroom. It’s the perfect way to expand the area in which your family can enjoy and relax. Plus, this extra usable space can add value to your home and provide additional incentive for potential home buyers later on.

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to transform the space into, you can design a new garage door to elevate it! For example, if you turn your garage into a home office, a new garage door that incorporates a lot of windows will help brighten up the space.

4. More Curbscaping

Homeowners are increasingly looking to boost their curb appeal with garage landscaping, also known as curbscaping. This could include above-the-door garage arbors, added greenery, creative lighting, or a new, unique driveway.

If you decide to upgrade your driveway to enhance the rest of your home, you can choose from brick, stone, grass pavers, or even smooth, recycled glass. It’s a creative, visually-pleasing way to draw eyes toward your home’s entry points.

Wooden garage doors with lites and greenery.

5. More Decorative Strap Hinges & Door Pulls

Garage door decorative hardware, specifically strap hinges and door pulls, has become increasingly popular. With just a few pieces, you can easily add visual interest to an existing garage door. Decorative strap hinges and door pulls also help to replicate the look of traditional carriage house doors that actually swing open. The appearance evokes an upscale, vintage feel that is coveted by many homeowners.

Here are a few quick tips for adding decorative strap hinges and door pulls to your garage door:

  • Quantity is Key — Many big-box retailers offer packages of hinges and pulls that are typically sized for a single door. If the same hardware is going to be used on a double door, then we recommend using two sets for better aesthetics. This means you’d need four hinges and two pulls for a single door or eight hinges and four pulls for a double door. By using the right quantity, you can ensure they don’t detract from the upscale look of your door.
  • Make it Logical — Aside from ensuring you have the right number of decorative pieces, placement is also important. Place decorative pulls and hinges in a location on the door where it’s logical for a door to swing open. This gives overhead garage doors the realistic appearance of a true, old-fashioned swinging door.
  • Check Your Hinge Length — To produce the look of a genuine, carriage house swinging door, use a hinge size that’s around 1/4 to 1/3 of the width of the total door opening. For example, for a door that’s eight feet wide, you’d use hinges that are around 20 to 30 inches long.
  • Material and Color Matter — A majority of decorative hardware pieces are black to mimic the iron material that was used back when those types of pieces were originally made by hand. The longer the strap hinge, the thicker the piece will look. This will help to ensure an authentic, carriage house garage door appearance.

6. Popularity of Contemporary Style Garage Doors

While swing style carriage doors are extremely popular, there has been an increasing demand for contemporary, modern style doors. Minimalist designs with horizontal or vertical boards seem to dominate this particular style. However, more doors are beginning to include unique window arrangements and bands of different types of metal. These contemporary door styles tend to stand out and significantly amplify any home’s curb appeal.

Copper clad garage doors are on trend.

7. Increased Use of Creative Colors and Materials

Two-tone finishes have also begun to make headway in the industry. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing door or get a new swing style carriage house door, consider using a two-tone finish in colors that complement your home and emphasize the garage door’s design elements. Using various tones allows you to subtly increase visual interest and curb appeal without the added expense of decorative hardware.

Another aspect of this trend includes the use of bold colors on garage doors. Using vibrant, contrasting colors helps to add excitement to ordinary homes. Unusual materials such as copper can also help to elevate the look of your home.

Two garage doors painted cobalt blue.

How to Be a Garage Door Trendsetter

Stay In-The-Know

In 2018, the hot topic was trendy garage door colors. This year, it’s all about the enhancements! Stay on top of the latest trends and keep an eye out for any of them being used on homes that you pass by on your way to work or while you’re on vacation.

Inspect Your Door

Take a good look at your current garage door during your annual maintenance check. You’ll want to make sure your garage door is in pristine condition to help make your home look the best it possibly can.

Upgrade Your Door

If you find that your garage door just isn’t up to snuff or has suffered throughout years of wear and tear, consider upgrading to a brand-new, custom garage door! Since it’s one of the easiest home improvement projects with one of the largest return on investment, getting a new garage door is a no-brainer.

Do you need help bringing one of these garage door trends to life? Contact our garage door experts today to design a door that’s perfect for you and your home.

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