Garage Door Styles: How to Choose One to Match Your Home

Date: June 21, 2018

When it comes to adding curb appeal to your home, an updated garage door is essential. However, every home is different and choosing from an abundance of different garage door styles can be intimidating. Don’t fret just yet! We’ve created this guide to make matching an overhead garage door style to your home’s appearance easier than ever.

We have laid out and detailed some of the most popular home styles in the U.S. as of 2018. Find the one most similar to your home and take a look at the design elements. Whether you base your new garage door design off our recommendations or fully customize it to suit your needs, this list is a perfect way to compare styles and find inspiration.

Craftsman Style Home

These homes emphasize natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. Many have large front porches with tapered columns and feature low roof lines with wide overhanging eaves. New craftsman style homes generally have open floor plans, while older builds have smaller, linked rooms. Overall, craftsman style homes feature the following characteristics:

  • Big fireplaces
  • Exposed beams, brackets, and other wood elements
  • Earthy, neutral paint colors
  • Bold exterior trimming and detailing

Garage Doors for Craftsman Style Homes

Our custom garage door experts recommend choosing a garage door with added detailing, window panes, and/or simple, decorative hardware. Trifold style doors may be a good fit. Since craftsman homes put a lot of emphasis on natural materials, a wooden door is suggested. The wood doors can be stained to the desired color.

Here are a few examples of craftsman style garage doors:

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rhapsody craftsman garage door

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Ranch Style Home

Embracing modern simplicity, ranch style homes have a single story with an open interior floor plan that emphasizes large, social spaces and natural lighting. The exterior may be made of stucco, brick, or wood, and the home will sit low to the ground with a strong emphasis on horizontal length. Many ranch style homes also have the following characteristics:

  • Neutral colors and no heavy patterns
  • Asymmetrical construction and design (often shaped like L or U)
  • Picture windows with large glass surfaces
  • Low-sloping roofs with overhangs

Garage Doors for Ranch Style Homes

Our garage door experts recommend choosing a door with a classic, elegant look. The doors may have large glass windows and vertical elements that compliment the horizontal home structure.

Here are a few examples of ranch style garage doors:

ranch home with new garage door: AFTER

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Colonial Style Home

Originating in the northeast to withstand harsh winters, colonial style homes are usually built from stone, brick, wood, or a combination of all three. Most have a compact, two-story footprint due to the fact that it was easier to build and heat back in the day. Colonial style homes generally boast:

  • Steep, sloped roofs
  • Symmetrical, balanced window displays
  • Decorative entrances
  • Handcrafted, wood elements

Garage Doors for Colonial Style Homes

For colonial style homes, our garage door experts recommend doors that have a traditional, formal look. That look can be accomplished with a swing style door. The door may also feature a two-tone coloring.

Here are a few examples of colonial style garage doors:

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Mid-Century Style Home

These homes are typically one story and utilize both traditional and new, modern elements in their design. They boast simple framework and integrate large, glass windows and geometric lines. Thanks to the big windows, this home style embraces the connection between home and nature, and outdoor areas such as patios and decks are often used as frequented living spaces. A few other characteristics of mid-century style homes are:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Medium wood accents
  • Warm, earthy tones due to the use of natural materials
  • Flat exterior paneling

Garage Doors for Mid-Century Style Homes

Our garage door experts recommend doors with simple designs and minimal glass elements. If glass is used, it’s suggested that the windows are stacked vertically on the left or right. Overall, the door should emphasize minimalism.

Here are a few examples of mid-century style garage doors:

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Farmhouse Style Home

A crowd favorite, farmhouse style homes have become extremely popular in recent years. They emphasize a rural lifestyle and feature large, functional porches. Both the interior and exterior have warm and rustic elements, making the overall feel of the home very inviting. Farmhouse style homes can also have:

  • Metal roof
  • Simple roof lines with a steep pitch
  • Narrow windows
  • Wood siding

Garage Doors for Farmhouse Style Homes

Many farmhouse style homes have a detached garage. Our garage door experts recommend adding a barn style garage or carriage house doors for your garage since they coordinate beautifully with the rural look of farmhouse style homes. Divided window grilles in the garage door will provide natural light, and wood, painted, or accent buck overlays help add a touch of rustic charm.

Here are a few examples of farmhouse style garage doors:

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Not seeing exactly what you’re looking for? We can customize your new garage doors to fully match your house. Contact one of our garage door design experts today!

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